Summer 2016 News


Cynthia Ling Lee in rapture/rupture; photo by Justin Tornow

This summer finds Post Natyam Collective members in a vibrant dialogue about migration, shifts, and re-emerging borders as we continue our individual teaching,performances, and artistic processes.  Cynthia has moved to Santa Cruz, California for a new job as assistant professor of dance in the Theatre Arts department at the University of California at Santa Cruz in the fall.  Cynthia is performing rapture/rupture, choreographed by Shyamala with dramaturgy by Sandra, at the Erasing Borders Dance Festival in New York on August 13.  Cynthia and Meena presented a shared show at Highways Performance Space in June where they performed their new works, blood run and Karuppu.  In addition to continuing to develop Karuppu, Meena is the filmmaker/video projectionist for d. Sabela grimes’ new dance-theater work, also collaborating with Ursula Rucker (poet/performer) and Maxx Moses (live digital painting).  The four artists recently completed a two-week MANCC creative residency housed in FSU’s dance department.  Sandra taught a workshop titled “Dance and Migration” at Vienna’s Impulstanz Festival on August 6th and 7th. She will also present a performative paper, “Border-Choreography Across Time: Nyota Inyoka’s Work and Questions of Choreographing Doubleness” together, with Nicole Haitzinger at TaPra Conference in Bristol on September 7th.  In Los Angeles, Shyamala is facilitating a yoga and creative practice workshop for artists every Thursday morning in August at the beautiful Aratani Theater in Little Tokyo.

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  1. New York, USA. 13 August 2016: Cynthia performs “rapture/rupture” at Erasing Borders.
  2. Bristol, UK. 7 September 2016: Sandra co-presents a performative paper at TaPra.


  1. Vienna, AUSTRIA. 6th-7th August 2016: Sandra teaches a workshop titled “Dance and Migration” at Impulstanz Festival.
  2. Los Angeles, USA. Thursdays, August 2016:   Shyamala facilitates yoga and creative practice workshops for artists.  



  1. New York, USA.  13 August 2016: Cynthia performs “rapture/rupture” at Erasing Borders Dance Festival – Indoor Concert.

Cynthia performs “rapture/rupture,” a contemporary abhinaya work that reinterprets the intimate and bittersweet rapture of poetic love-in-separation through cultural and gendered difference, directed by Shyamala Moorty with dramaturgy by Sandra Chatterjee.  She shares the show with a beautiful and diverse international array of artists of Indian dance: Sonia Sabri, Sooraj Subramaniam, Revanta Sarabai & Pooja Purohit, Eriko Sugimura, and Rama Vaidyanathan.  Their performance, on August 13, will be followed by a day of workshops and classes on August 14 and an outdoor concert on August 15.

Schimmel Center
Pace University
3 Spruce Street, NYC


  1. Bristol, UK. 7 September 2016: Sandra co-presents a performative paper at TaPra.

Sandra Chatterjee and Nicole Haitzinger present a performative paper at the Conference of the Theatre & Performance Research Association (TaPRA) in Bristol (Performance and the Body Working Group)


Border-Choreography Across Time: Nyota Inyoka’s Work and Questions of Choreographing Doubleness

In this (performative) presentation we take a close look at the work of French-Indian choreographer Nyota Inyoka (1896-1971), a forgotten/marginalized figure in European cultural and artistic memory. In particular, we approach her own notations of her work as a kind of  “border-writing” [1] of movement, to investigate her work in its historical significance and as an impulse for current (border-)choreographic practice.

In this presentation, therefore, we set out to thematize and investigate cultural  “doubleness” in the sense of “border-choreography” as an agent and catalyst for artistic strategies and ways of staging the (female) body that draw into question cultural, racial and aesthetic borders, in Inyota’s time and today. Striving to cultivate a decolonizing gaze focused on “doubleness” as opposed to dichotomies, this process shall not only reveal a forgotten phenomenon in the history of performance and dance in terms of specific and notated choreographies of a body marked by doubleness, but also, explore which kind of choreography an engagement with Inyota’s notations might instigate today.

In our close engagement with Inyota’s work, which will be analytical, historical, and practical (in terms of choreographic (re)construction) and conducted in a dialogic form (by two researchers working from different positionalities and research specializations)

we seek to shift the focus from a (divisive) borderline to a borderscape in its historical dimension.
[1] As a theoretical frame we translate Emily Hicks’ notion of “border writing” into the idea of “border-choreography.” Hicks describes “border writing” as “[a]s the functional expression of the self-conscious attitude of a writer juxtaposed between multiple cultures” and “as a mode of operation rather than as a definition” (Hicks, Emily. 1991. “Introduction: Border Writing as Deterritorialization.” In Border Writing: The Multidimensional Text. Minneapolis and Oxford: University of Minnesota Press: xxiii-xxxi, here xxiii)



  1. Vienna, AUSTRIA. 6th-7th August 2016: Sandra teaches a workshop titled “Dance and Migration” at Impulstanz Festival.


The theme of this workshop is a theoretical and a practical engagement with (the political and cultural dimensions of) migration and their aesthetic multiplicity: what does, therefore, cultural and aesthetic multiplicity mean in (contemporary) dance? What is the role of migratory phenomena? Migrations to Europe and away from Europe, and transnational circulations contingent upon idiosyncratic (artist)biographies and their evidences in dance .
In the workshop we actively interrogate the intersections between research questions and approaches and choreographic/dancerly practice in dialogues and performative studies. The aim is gaining a deeper understanding for possible synergies between theory and practice, as well as between current (western) movement forms and transculturality.
Together we want to develop tools and methods which intensify the (thus far peripheral) dialog between contemporary dance and a multiplicity of cultural forms.
The workshop takes place in the context of the communication project Dance and Migration/Tanz und Migration (Austrian Science Fund (FWF) WKP 32) and consists of a short theoretical introduction (including analysis of movement and works), improvisatory and choreographic assignments, as well as collaborative work with the jointly created materials. Participants will reflect and localize their own dance/movement backgrounds and enter into mutual exchanges. This will be structured through choreographic and improvisatory exercises, which deliberately are based on non-western dance-traditions.

2. Los Angeles, USA. Thursdays, August 2016: Shyamala facilitates yoga and creative practice for artists.

Finding your Flow: Yoga and Creative Practice

Thursdays July 7-August 25, 9am-11am (arrive between 8:45 and 9am)
ARATANI THEATRE (enter the glass doors nearest the box office, if no one is available ring the doorbell)

Finding your Flow is a unique blend of yoga and creative time for artists to release stress, practice being present and open up to inspiration. Artists will participate in a light vinyasa flow class to physically relax, energize, and unlock their connection to their own creativity. After yoga, they will share studio time in the beautiful Aratani Theater for their own personal artistic practice whether it be a performing art or writing. Bring a mat (block, strap and blanket are optional), and anything you need for your personal creative time.

This experience is freely given and any donations are deeply appreciated to help support the continuation of this creative space.